I like to get "hands on" with data to learn new concepts and technologies. Here are some of my personal projects in data, analytics, and engineering!

Mortgage Rate App

  • March 2024

To track mortgage rates while my wife and I look for a house, I created this app to fetch the rates daily from a website using Python and display the results in a dashboard on Metabase. I summarized my process in a blog post, check out the link below!








  • December 2023

I wanted to learn MkDocs, a static site generator focused on creating sites for project documentation. Since I needed some subject matter for the content, I chose a topic I am very familiar with, my dog Finn! These are instructions for caring for Finn that I can send to anyone who watches him if we are out of town.



Static Site

Swimming Workout Tracking App

  • June 2023

I started lap swimming in 2023 and wanted a way to track my workouts. At the same time, Metabase released a feature called Actions that allowed an app-like experience inside a Metabase dashboard. I was able to build this dashboard to track my workouts and add, update, and delete workouts directly from the dashboard.



Static Site using Hugo

  • December 2022

I wanted to build a personal website and looked at a several frameworks before settling on Hugo. It was easy to customize and gave me a lot of flexibility. The site you are on now is the result of this project!



Statis Site

Home Office Temperature

  • June 2022

My first project using a Raspberry Pi. My goal was to experience gathering, ingesting, storing, refining, and presenting data along with all the deployment work to run my applications on linux servers hosted by Digital Ocean. I configured a sensor to detect the temperature and humidity in my home office once per minute. Using Python, I wrote the results to MySQL and then delivered a dashboard with Metabase. The dashboard is now inactive but can still be viewed.


Raspberry Pi



Diamond App

  • May 2021

Built an app to estimate the cost of a 3 stone engagement ring. I used data from local jewelers to gather data and then built this flask app. It was hosted on Heroku until they discontinued their free tier



Data Science

Minnesota Twins Home Run Record

  • July 2019

As the Minnesota Twins were racing for the MLB home run record in 2019, I wanted to visualize their progress versus past seasons. I scraped home run statistics from using KNIME and built this visual in Tableau.



Using Spatial Analysis to Estimate Freight Costs

  • September 2018

Developed a method for estimating truck freight based on geospatial relationships. Presented to the Twin Cities Alteryx User Group. Interactive tool build in Tableau.




Public Speaking